Monday, June 1, 2009

Everday Matters Challenge #214 My Favorite Hobby

The challenge was to produce something that represented my favorite hobby. Thus, I had to do my garden. The picture is only a simple representation. The colors and textures of my garden are there along with my bird bath fountain. This is the first time I have painted a garden in watercolor and painted in so soft in tone. This is done on 9x12 sketch paper with pen and watercolor pencil.


  1. This is one of the joys of EDM - seeing and acknowledging by artistically recording those things which are important to us. Paint on grandma ;-)

  2. Lovely sketch. I have painted in my garden this year, for the first time! I thought it might be useful when planning for next year as well as being a quiet and relaxing moment after working in the garden.

  3. Nice! Gardening is my favorite (other) hobby,too. It's a ready source of inspiration, isn't it?