Monday, November 23, 2009

EDM # 249 Draw A Coffee Pot - Watercolor

Well, here is my version of a coffee pot. This is my white china Victorian Coffee Pot/Server. Because of its elegant nature, even though it is a coffee pot, I also use it for teas. It was a gift.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orchids -- Watercolor

This is one I did a while back. I was experimenting with varying the color in the background. I love orchids and these white ones with red and pink throat caught my attention. This was done with transparent watercolor on watercolor paper.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Portrait of a Grand Daughter

This is my first try at drawing my younger grand daughter. I did this from a photo that I love of her in her blue hat. Her eyes were scrunched up in the photo, and in my drawing they are a little uneven. This is the grand daughter that is very much like I was as a child. Her I can related to. She loves all things dealing with art, and told me she wants to be an artist like her grand mother (Needless to say that statement melted my heart). We do art projects when she comes over, and right now she is happy scrap booking. This she can do and not get frustrated, as she does when she tries to draw or paint like grandma. She loves to draw and eventually her skill will catch up with her desire.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Abstract -- Watercolor Journal

This came about as I just free form wrote about what is Love. There are all different kinds of love- self love, love of family, love of friends and that significant other, love of hobbies/work, etc. These all involve our emotions. However, I was journaling about agape love. The kind where God says love your enemies. How do you love the unloveable? All the other loves involve emotion, but agape love involves a choice and an action (not emotion). If we say we love God, then we have to obey God and love ( show kindness and compassion to) the unloveable. This takes a lot of prayer to be able to put this kind of love in action. Done with watercolor and magic maker.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

French Country Whimsy EDM # 109 Draw A Clock -- Watercolor Journal

I bought this clock when I was in a ""French" mood trying to redecorate my kitchen in my version of French Country style. I wrote about it and said- My Whimsical Clock. The phrase "Less is More" does not apply to this clock!!! I am glad that EDM had a challenge to draw a clock. I would never have taken the time to draw it in my journal without the challenge. Now I have the memory of my piece of French whimsy recorded.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oriental Water Landscape -- Watercolor

I have always loved this picture from the moment I saw it. I still have the card it was painted from twenty years ago. It's one of my original paintings I did back then before the internet and art groups for encouragement and sharing. I love that the colors are not the usual colors for sky or water, and that it is such a peaceful scene. This is the first landscape I ever painted.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Light Show Kolner Dom Cologne Cathedral

Since I like architecture a friend told me if I ever visited Germany I need to see the Dom Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany (thanks Alex!!). I did a search on it and found info and pictures. The cathedral has many beautiful stain glass windows that often make the cathedral a light show. This is a picture I found of the Cathedral that illustrated what the light show can resemble. I was taken back by all the colors that bathed every thing. I had to try to paint this, because it was so breath-taking. In this picture one is looking up at the ceiling of the cathedral. The ceiling (which is plaster) looks like stain glass with the way the colors reflect on it. To the right is one of the main supports for the cathedral ceiling covered in the multi-hued reflections. I drew, inked, and painted this with watercolor Halloween night waiting in between kids coming to my door.