Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orchids -- Watercolor

This is one I did a while back. I was experimenting with varying the color in the background. I love orchids and these white ones with red and pink throat caught my attention. This was done with transparent watercolor on watercolor paper.


  1. This is a very lovely image Ramona. The technique here really does communicate the delicacy of the subject - well done

  2. I love your orchid. Quite unusual. Love the sense of design and colors. Silvia Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Ramona - thanks for visiting my blog.

    Your orchid is so soft and pretty - watercolours are fun aren't they - and tricky!

  4. I really like it too, probably influenced by my mom who adores them more than anything else(but she hadn't got any luck with them)
    I really like the part that's white, and it feels like negative spaces, but you know they are petals. I think it's these mixed feelings that you get that makes an artwork exciting ^^
    Thank you very much Ramona for your comment on my last drawing. Appreciate it a lot :)

  5. Very nice and delicate. I sense movement also, as in a gentle breeze.