Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EDM #219 Draw A Window

This window comes from a storage shed at Lazy Days Campground near St. Louis, Mo. This little storage shed (above) was decorated and landscaped so beautifully that I had to draw and paint it. The window is a stained glass window just mounted to the outside wall. The whole campground catches your attention when you drive in with all the landscaping around the buildings. Both pictures were done with pencil, fine point Sharpie, and watercolor pencil on heavy weight mead academe sketch paper. The storage shed was fun and exciting to do because it is the first picture I ever painted on site.


  1. That dainty, little shed
    is quite an eye jewel. Love those colors;
    the detail-

    and the stained glass window
    with its miniature fruit and blend
    of gold and brown...

    Lovely work, indeed.

  2. Oh, I've never seen such a cute storage shed! What a fabulous window! You did a fine job sketching it!

  3. I love the shapes and colors and...peace...of this piece.

  4. How nice! What a great window to draw. Nice work.