Monday, September 14, 2009

First People Sketch EDM #129 People Doing Something

This is my first try at sketching people in real time. I was just trying to get the essence of the people and the event- a chili dinner in our camper first night in Casper Wyoming. We were traveling with three other couples and their campers, but ours was always the place where everyone ate when we had a communal meal. There are also two unseen people sitting on the couch at the right-they were out of my line of sight as I sketched. I used a Bic ball point pen. During the trip out west I discovered that sketching with a ball point pen is actually easier and quicker than using a pencil. When I use a pencil, I want to go back to make it perfect, and it takes forever to draw anything. With the pen I just draw.


  1. Good job! Sketching in real time is a hard thing to do. Great first attempt...keeping at it.

  2. Oh, I love sketching in ballpoint pen and find myself coming back to it over and over again. Lately though, it seems like every pen I pick up is too blotchy and I go back to something else. But, I love the line variations you can get!

    Nice sketch, btw. People can be very difficult, especially when it's on site.

  3. You certainly challenged yourself by putting more than one person in your sketch, and in public. I get flustered with only one person - and think I've done well if I capture a pleasing line. This is terrific for a first effort. congrats!