Monday, September 21, 2009

Everyday Matters Challenge #241 Draw what you see from your kitchen window

For a couple of days I had been looking out my kitchen window into my backyard at the above- planning the picture. When I finally had time to draw, I had to rely on my memory to draw the picture, since it was 10pm at night and very dark and rainy outside. However, I had to go online and find a picture of the bench to be able to draw it. I didn't memorize its shape when I was planning the picture. I also was going to use watercolor on it, but fell in love with how the black and white sketch looked by itself. It was fun to do.


  1. Love the lines, and the composition! It's almost like telling a lot of story this one, an old tale to be shared... I could imagine guests, visitors coming by and sitting there and just talking ^^ nice!

  2. What a great view from your kitchen! Also, I love the sketches and the title of Southern Comfort! nancy