Monday, October 5, 2009

Asian Pillow Art -- Watercolor Journal EDM Challenge #243 Draw a pillow

I love these pillows. Though we bought four as a birthday gift for our son, only two have survived several years and three kids. I'm glad the Everyday Matters challenge was to draw a pillow. Now I have the memories of these pillows recorded, so when the last two give up I will still be able to enjoy them. They are definitely works of art in themselves. Painted with watercolor pencils.


  1. Very nicely done, is it a watercolor?

  2. Yes its watercolor. I forgot to post that info. I have corrected that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Wow, really vibrant for a watercolor drawing! I am an asian, so there's no surprise that I like the asian pillow, and it doesn't help that I absolutely love sleeping and pillow is always one of my favorite things in the house ^^

  4. Beautiful! I like your idea of saving the memory. I just started my third watercolor sketchbook and I'm thrilled. The books invite me to keep going and in the future I can look back on the memories. Hopefully, I'll see some progress in my art work, too. lol

  5. Great job. That's what I love about drawing these things - the memories are forever then.

  6. I really enjoythe textures of fabrics, as well as the designs in Asian pillows. You've captured the feeling they have nicely.

  7. A work of art of a work of art! Very nice!

  8. Ohhh I love this sketch, and nice blog set up here. AND you have come to the right place for inspiration, encouragement, help - support !! Welcome!!!

  9. I love these textiles! I'm a big collector of these myself, so you have struck a soft spot with me. But even if you hadn't you did a very good job Ramona!

  10. What a great looking pillow, Ramona.
    the gold, brown, and orangey colors
    are especially eye- pleasing. I like
    the way you've reproduced the textures
    and substance of the pillow.

    Being a symbologist at heart I love
    the purses symbols as well.
    Isn't it wonderful that you can preserve
    the memories of this special item
    through the medium of your own art?
    Perhaps you might consider framing it.


  11. I can see why you love these pillows. This is gorgeous!