Monday, October 5, 2009

Lily Ponds-- Composition Journal EDM Challenge #116 Draw something green

When I started this journal entry I did not know that it would come with a poem. Have always loved the beauty and serenity of lily ponds. The poems says"Lily Ponds. One of God's Creations, Serenity- Beauty, Flowers Bloom, Leaves Unfurl, Continual New Life. The Sun Shines, Warming the Skin, The Winds Blow, The Waters Move, Bringing Peace to the Soul." This was painted in Acrylic. The poem is on a piece of paper I painted and glued in. The white streaks on the paper in the background are suppose to be there.


  1. Lovely drawings and "color." I need to add more color to my drawings! I am learning by visiting inspiring artist's blogs-like you!

  2. I like your page. It's bright and clear. Nice poem too.