Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everyday Matters Group Challenge #4 Draw A Cup Watercolor Journal

I would drool over this very expensive girly girl pattern at the big mall stores. Knew there was no way I could ever afford it. Then found it at Sam's Club greatly reduced. As I was writing about this in the above watercolor journal this scripture came to me "Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37:4.


  1. Ramona;
    Isn't God so wonderful. I love reading stories like this. God does truly want to give us the desires of our hearts!... and it looks like He did for you! What a blessing. It is a very girlie-girl pattern and I appreciate that as I am in a house of boys! LOL.

  2. This is so charming . . . and a very uplifiting story!

  3. I like how you write on your pieces, it makes them so much more personal. Love the deepness of the blue in the background too :)

  4. Very nice page. It's a very dainty cup. My daughter likes Royal Albert's Rose pattern. It's pretty like this. Her husband didn't like it though so she's not getting more of it. I hope you enjoy yours thoroughly.

  5. What a lovely cup! No wonder you wanted it. It's very special. nancy

  6. This is a lovely painting of a lovely piece of china. Good work Ramona.

  7. Beautiful! Love the details, and you're right it looks so expensive ^^
    I was chuckling when I was reading the part about Sam's Club. That's probably my future father-in-law's favorite shopping place. And it's quite likely that I'll have to go there when I am running his errands :)

  8. Very nice, isn't it wonderful how we "find" just what gives us joy.

  9. Ooh, how elegant! Very pretty cup, and very good job, Ramona!

  10. When I first saw this cup
    I thought... royalty.

    the gold trim
    and that little flower
    at the tup.

    A spot of tea,
    a squeeze of lemon
    would at this very moment


    Lovely work, indeed.

  11. Lovely cup. Great blue background. You made me think of having a cup of tea with my mom in the afternoons when I was younger. Wonderful memories.