Friday, October 30, 2009

EDM Draw #15 A Tree, #155 Steps, #234 Something That Belongs to Another

Finally got around to posting these drawings from Utah that I drew where we stayed at the RV park. We were there two months this summer seeing the sights, and visiting and helping family there. This Wheeping Willow, which was at the back of the park, is the largest I have seen. I gave it the name Grandpa Willow (seemed to fit) and a grown person only comes to the top of the word Grandpa in the drawing.

I first started this picture because I wanted to show how big the cottonwood trees were in the RV park. Most of the park was shaded by these trees. The trailer here is not mine but is about the same size (31 feet). The trees make the trailer look much smaller. The trailer steps I drew in very dark so that they are easily visible. Female cottonwood trees produce big balls of fluff 6 to 8 inches in diameter. It "snowed" on and off the whole time we were there.

This tree rose belonged to one of the full time residents at the RV park. The pot is red and the roses are red and white. I was surprised to learn that it stayed out all winter in freezing weather and snow, and lived. I thought they would freeze since the main part of the tree is above ground. There were tea and miniature roses all over the park. Many full timers there planted all kinds of flowers. Was a really interesting RV park.

All three sketches were done with a Bic ballpoint pen in my 6x9 inch homemade sketch book.


  1. ramona... what town is this rv park in? I live in ut and we go camping lots so thought I might like to go there next spring or summer! Your drawings are great!

  2. If anyone else is interested the RV Park in Utah we stayed at was in Provo 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. The name if it is Lakeside RV Campground. Most everybody is friendly and helpful at this campground.

  3. Lovely sketches! RV part sounds fun. I'll be living right next to one in Louisiana in less than 2 months time :) I am not sure if anyone knows it, it's called Catfish Heaven Aquafarm and RV park. Well, if you're passing by, you know where to find me ^^

  4. My word, but your drawings are AMAZING! I came from the Blissful group ... so glad I did!!! WOW! I have to laugh about how your granddaughter gets frustrated because she can't draw like you ... my mom was an amazing coloring book ...color-er? LOL. I finally refused to color with her when I was little ... but now, I kinda do like she did, lol! I am adding you to my feed, wonderful work!