Thursday, October 8, 2009

"First Painting" Composistion Journal

Imagine my excitement when I found the first picture I painted (with color pencil) that started my current interest in painting/drawing. I made a copy of it and pasted the copy in my composition journal to remember this event. It was painted for a Bible class to teach what Alpha and Omega means in the Bible. The "W" is another way to write the Omega symbol/letter. Alpha and Omega is another way of saying God is the source of everything, and is this is equal to the "I am the true vine" (i.e. true source). Thank for letting me share this with you.


  1. Oh what a treasure!
    Yes, the 'Alpha and the Omega.'
    Love the synchronicity
    in your narration.


  2. Very nice Ramona, I also like Revelation chapter 1 verse 8.
    I am the Alpha and Omega, the one who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty.
    I like your watercolour white cat, also Asian Pillow Art and the water lilies.
    I very much like the idea of your art Journal.
    Sandy from watercolor group.

  3. Very nice, would not believe that was your first colored pencil picture. I'm still trying to learn how to use colored pencil.

  4. One never knows when and where a passon will ignite! Lovely memories.

  5. You will treasure this composition notebook! What a great idea to get a copy of this and put it in there! Beautiful!

  6. Wow! Nice picture, even if it hadn't been a first one. Good thing you did it and uncovered your talents! I'm glad you did it Ramona!

  7. This really is stunning. I like the vine, the alpha, the omega, and the composition - all of it. I also like the way you mounted it in the journal, slightly to the side and the red all around.

  8. What a wonderful find! Great composition--love the vining grapes. Well done!